Anson Perisher works to combine existing technologies in revolutionary ways to solve operational, logistical, and scientific challenges. Our work is focused on the needs of the U.S. Department of Defense, but some Anson-Perisher solutions may be adapted by our team to solve analogous private sector challenges. We believe every problem has an optimal solution, but who has the ethics, intellect, tenacity, and faith to find it? Herein lies the raison d'être for Anson Perisher.

What We Do

Anson Perisher identifies unconventional problem sets and crafts innovative, bespoke solutions. Every Anson Perisher unit, human resource, and even our company structure is designed to analyze and see the world in ways other companies cannot. We are not hubristic; we are faithful. If a problem exists, we will find the optimal way to solve it. We naturally gravitate toward solutions that preserve or enhance life. We are like David. We fight and eliminate the Goliaths of inertia, dogmatic processes, covetousness, and greed at Anson Perisher. We simply show up, work hard, and have faith. We are daunted neither by the size of the challenge nor institutionalized resistance to solutional science. We will find the stone and take the shot. Like David, we never doubt we will hit our target. Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Anson Perisher is unique in that we spend most of our time identifying challenges. We consider solving them to be the easy part. The structured application of solutional science is simple compared to identifying and choosing where to focus our energies. We operate in the realm of unsolicited proposals, thriving on challenges for which no solution has even been considered. We are not in the competitive contract business as we do not need or wish to covet; we desire only to innovate for the good of others and our great nation.

Our Vision

We believe a small, agile team of ethical visionaries can solve problems for America’s defense that are often overlooked or overanalyzed by larger, fiscally-driven, or less nimble organizations. The world's greatest advancements often come from those with the faith and audacity to address challenges normally missed or dismissed by others as insurmountable.

Come Join Us

At Anson Perisher, we are always searching for new talent with new perspectives to join our Team and our Mission. Regardless of your demographics, if you have a technical or scientific mind and you are a person of extraordinary drive and ethics, we would like to talk with you.

Honorably-discharged military veterans and disabled veterans - we are particularly interested in talking to you.

Anson Perisher is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on non-merit factors.


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Melding and innovating technological solutions to mitigate Global Instability


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