Anson Perisher chooses only nonlethal solutions. Focusing on life-saving and utility enhancement technologies. Our core strength lies in our ability to identify the optimum blend of programs. We have a proven ability to correctly choose quantity, sequence, size, cost, and complexity. Each time Anson Perishers selection committee precisely chooses then aligns them with our available human capital, scientific qualifications, and strategic relationships.
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FogNot is a scuba lens laminate that can treat new or seasoned masks allowing the diver to experience fog free diving. The laminate is designed to last at least a year without reapplication. It is applied with a simple well-directed three-step process and can be removed easily and reapplied if user error necessitates it. It is invisible to the user and negates the toothpaste lighter ritual. Unlike adhesive solutions, it bonds to the glass perfecting the surface at a molecular level. Though its purpose is utility enhancement for Tier 1 and Tier 2 JSOC units, it will have demonstrable benefits for the recreational diver too. It is dispensed in biodegradable packaging. It's a solution that ( as a by-product) solves two additional problems, Plastic waste in the ocean and the coral reef damage created by toxic liquids that must be reapplied to scuba masks often. The user will also receive a cost-saving, yet benefit from a superior solution. 


War fighter efficiency can be compromised by inadequate or impure hydration.Anson Perisher offers superior,comprehensive, and efficacious solutions


Tectonic Equation for Magnetic Photon Stimulation Energy Correlation. This is Anson Perishers' most ambitious project. We seek to demonstrate the interrelationship of a theoretical particle (The Magnetic Photon) generated by the sun and absorbed by the earth and the occurrence of seismic events. We believe that by 2025 we can reliably predict the timing of primary seismic events over 5.0 R. We believe this can be achieved by identifying the mechanisms that power the core and tracking the celestial triggers that cause resonance anomalies in the earth’s magnetosphere. We will use only existing technologies provided by, Furthermore, by April 17 2029 we believe we can provide adequate scientific evidence to allow for a prediction matrix that will forecast earthquakes and volcanic eruptions for up to 100 years. Such foresight will save countless millions in the centuries to come.


A new drone technology designed solely for US First responders and other high-risk organizations. A safer more efficacious alternative. One that fills the technology gap that plagues timely intervention and apprehension of violent individuals. Solutions and applications created by operational personnel that understand the concept of less than lethal technology. Men and women who have the capability to design and deploy a new drone solution. A solution that increases response time and neutralizes active shooters rapidly while reducing responders' operational risks.




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